This 125-gallon stand is in excellent condition. The stand has been used for a few years, but it has always been well-maintained and cleaned. The stand does have some scratches on it, but they are not very noticeable. The tank comes with two LED lights and two filters. The filters are new and have never been used before. The tanks also include four hoods that help keep the water clean and fresh, making it easy to maintain the fish tank.

This 125-gallon fish tank stand is in excellent condition. It has been used to hold a 75-gallon fish tank, so it can easily accommodate the 125-gallon tank of your choice. It is made of solid wood and has two shelves, one of which can be removed to allow access to the water pump and filter. The unit has an electrical outlet that powers the lights built into the top cover. The light fixture will accommodate fluorescent bulbs or LED strips up to 4′ long.

This brand-new 125-gallon fish tank stand is constructed from high-quality materials and is designed to be durable and long-lasting. The stand is made from heavy-duty steel and features four legs with adjustable feet for stability. The aquarium has a black cabinet with doors that are easy to open and close. The cabinet can be used to store fish food, filters, or other accessories. The aquarium comes with a black background that helps to hide algae buildup inside your tank so that it does not become unsightly. This tank also has an acrylic cover for protection against scratches during shipping or installation at home.

Description of 125 Gallon Fish Tank Stand For Sale

This 125-gallon fish tank stand for sale will teach you a lot about aquatic life. Even if you do not have fish, this stand is the perfect addition to your home.

The benefits of having a 125-gallon fish tank are numerous, but include:

  • The appearance of being an adult who has their life together when your parents come over for Thanksgiving dinner
  • A sense of pride in knowing that the species of your choice are alive and well in their artificial habitat–a brave new world for them
  • Access to live lobster at no cost to you

Types of 125 Gallon Fish Tank Stand For Sale

  • 125 Gallon Metal Fish Tank Stand For Sale: If you’re looking for a sturdy and durable stand that can hold up to even the heaviest weight, look no further than a metal fish tank stand. As the name suggests, these stands are made with metal and are considered to be quite tough. They come in a variety of styles, ranging from the most basic designs to some with more complex details. Metal 125-gallon fish tank stands for sale can be great if you have cats in your home or other pets which are known to knock things over (such as our family dog, Frank).
  • 125 Gallon Wooden Fish Tank Stand For Sale: Wooden stands can be beautiful additions to any room’s decor. These types of stands will often come with either glass or acrylic doors on the front so that you can easily see into your aquarium without having its contents exposed directly out into the open air where they might get dust particles or other contaminants onto them. Some wooden aquarium storage cabinets may even include drawers for additional storage space!
  • Furniture Fish Tank Stands: These types of furniture-style stands offer an excellent way for those who want both functionality and style from their purchase. You’ll find some very basic designs available at reasonable prices while others may cost thousands depending upon how much detail goes into creating each piece (e.g., hand carvings).

Specification of 125 Gallon Fish Tank Stand For Sale

The 125 gallon fish tank stand is made of wood and is designed to be sturdy. The dimensions of the stand are 4 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet, and it weighs over 100 pounds when fully assembled. It can hold up to 125 gallons of water once assembled and filled with decorative rocks, plants, etc.

The tank itself is also made of reinforced glass so that it can handle the weight of 125 gallons of water without breaking or cracking. A lid for the stand is included in order to keep curious cats out and fish from escaping. Although there are no major accessories with the tank, you are free to decorate it as much or as little as you please.

Maintenance of 125 Gallon Fish Tank Stand For Sale

To clean your 125-gallon fish tank stand, you will need a canister vacuum that has a hose attachment. To keep the fish tank stand looking its best, we recommend vacuuming it every two weeks. If you spill something on the fish tank stand, use a clean white cloth to blot the spot immediately. Rubbing may spread the stain. Once it is blotted up, rinse with cold water and repeat until spot is removed.

Price of 125 Gallon Fish Tank Stand For Sale

The selling price for this product is $250 USD. It weighs 75 pounds and ships next-day delivery anywhere in the United States.

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